Portside Learning Center

Portside Learning Center’s goal is to meet the social and emotional needs of young children at a time critical to their future happiness and success.  We strive to create a vital play based setting in which the children feel safe, challenged, and appreciated as individuals.

We view creative play as key to all the growth and learning that takes place during early childhood years.  A well-planned play space provides for a wide variety of experiences reflecting the child’s natural interests and abilities.

Pre-school children learn best through repeated, concrete experiences involving as many of their senses as possible.  While offering structural activities for the children, we also believe in the importance of self directed, independent play, always remaining available to offer assistance and foster basic problem-solving skills.

We strive to provide a supportive, loving environment for the children, to encourage their growth in all areas, and to facilitate a successful transition between the early years at home with family and their future years ahead in school.

Our Mission

  • To provide a safe and loving atmosphere for children.
  • To promote imagination and creativity through a carefully prepared environment.
  • To encourage a positive self image and respect for all people.
  • To provide a curriculum that fully prepares the children for school.
  • To enable each child to have the opportunity to choose work at his or her own   developmental level.
  • To observe the children daily in order to assess their own needs for development.
  • To provide many aesthetic materials that beckon  children to learn.
  • To grow with the children by adding new materials and keeping abreast of new ideas through workshops and seminars.